Unsere Welpen vom D-Wurf wurden am 11. Januar 2009 geboren.
Es sind 5 Rüden und 5 Hündinnen, alle schwarz

Annual`s The Guardian
* 31.08.2006 *
A-B & 0-0 in Sweden
Clear Eyes . Optigen Normal/Clear
Farbe: BbEE
Besitzer: Lena Wiberg, S - Kennel: Annual`s

Precious For Eternity Key To Heaven
HD A2/A2 - ED   0/0
OptiGen “Carrier”
letzte Augenuntersuchung - April 2008
BBEe (Yy)

CH.Annual`s Wagamama

CH Annual's Chelsea Girl

CH Cambremer Tom Cobbley Of Charway

CH Abbeystead Tranquill

Annual´s Fashion Girl

CH. Fogel Hlara Higgins

CH. Arnold Of Clay Diggers

Fogel Hlara Akaba

CH. Strongline`s Explorer

CH.  Rosanan Earl Of Roses

CH. Strongline´s Heaven Knows

Jgd.-Ch. Precious For Eternity Key To Heaven

Annual`s The Guardian

CH Carpenny Walpole

Eternal Friends Eternal Friends Dirty Harry

 Eternal Friends Eternal Friends Donnie Darko

 Eternal Friends Eternal Friends Diamond Hero 

 Eternal Friends Eternal Friends Day By Day

 Eternal Friends Deep In My Heart 

 Eternal Friends Eternal Friends Duffy Girl

 Eternal Friends Dreaming Betty

 Eternal Friends Dancing Queen

 Eternal Friends During The Summer

 Eternal Friends Dark Angel

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