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Brown Temptations Here I Am

Alwin im Stand

Gew. 11.09.2020

HD: A1 / A1- ED: 0 / 0

Prcd-PRA: N/N (frei d. Erbgang)

EIC: N/m

HNPK: N/N ( frei d. Erbgang)

Farbe: bbEE

Liberty’s Broad Ridge

Ch.Quail Chase Broadway
Joe Windfall

Dune Dancer’s Windfall Margarita

Ch.  Nipntuck Hyspire Unforgettable

Quail Chase Bearcreeks 
Darlin Doe

Bonaventure Good Karma At Quail Chase

Greenstone’s Journey To My Heart

Ch. Epoch’s Moccasin Joe

Greenstone’s Cuppa Delight

Sweet Girl Best Of Discovery

Ch. Quail Chase
Bearcreek Jolly Joe

Irish Rose Best Of Discovery

Mallorcas Ring My Bell

Cameswon Agreed On Everything

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