Eternal Friends Kiss Me Tilda


Gew. 30.06.2016
HD A2/A2 - ED 0/0
prcd/PRA : normal / clear ( frei d. Erbgang) EIC :N/N
HNPK: träger
Farbe: BbEe
Augenuntersuchung: August 2018

LAB`SPB Russian Standard

American Dream For LAB`SPB

Fogel Hlara Higgins

Precious For Eternity
Quite Charming

Precious For Eternity Crispy Point

Annual`s The Guardian

CH Annual`s Wagamama

CH Abbeystead Tranquill

Dt Jg Ch Precious For
Eternity Inside Out

Jg.-CH./CH.  Tekell´s
Precious Brave Heart

Precious For Eternity Crispy Point

Eternal Friend`s Honey Bee

GC Awesome Boy Of Sunny Mountain

Gateway`Nothing But Trouble

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